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Why I Chose Elixir

I’ve been thinking of learning a new programming language for some time. I don’t have any immediate need for it, just for the sake of learning new things.

I took a look at Go, Scala, Clojure and Elixir. My pick is Elixir at the moment. As I don’t have any acute need to pick the "right" one, I’m just picking what I liked most.

I wish I was one of those lucky developers who happily build things at the top of the Java Virtual Machine stack. But I’m not. I do’nt like JVM, and I’m happy I don’t have to. It should come from the unfamiliarity of me with Java. Probably after learning more about it, I’ll like it more.

Not liking JVM was part of the reason I chose Elixir. Even though Clojure, which is a JVM language, looks more handy for a web developer, I chose Elixir to stay away from JVM.

Elixir is based on Erlang, which uses BEM instead of JVM. Erlang is 30 years old language, known for being good at concurrency.

Another reason I liked Elixir was listening to one of The Changlog episodes, interviewing Jose Valim, the maker of Elixir. I liked what I heard from Jose about the reasons behind making Elixir, and the way he thinks about it.

Posted March 11, 2016

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