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Using Ubuntu Without Mouse

My current setting doesn’t allow me to use a mouse with my laptop, the table is too high. So I’m using a keyboard only. Here’s a way to use your Ubuntu without a mouse: (Ubuntu 14.04)

Settings > Universal Access > Pointing and Clicking > Mouse Keys

Turn it on. Now you can move your mouse pointer using the numerical pad arrows, instead of your mouse. If the pointer moves slowly, I found this post to be useful for making it move faster:

Firstly open a terminal window and type the following to install the xkbset package:

sudo apt-get install xkbset

A simple one line command can then be used to configure the acceleration:

xkbset ma [delay] [interval] [time to max] [max speed] [curve]

For those new to command-line interfaces, the brackets imply that they need to be replaced by a numerical value, tailored to suite a particular use. I have recently used the following for my configuration

xkbset ma 60 10 10 20 10

Posted September 1, 2014

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