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Setting up my new Ubuntu

So I bought a used Thinkpad T410 for 220 euros, so that I can work on Android more easily. My Eeepc was lagging too much, specially when i wanted to launch Android emulators.  I write about the process in here, so that I know what to do next time.

So far I’ve installed Ubuntu 14.04 on the laptop and I’m going to install Eclipse, and its companion plugins for android development. I also like to have Android Studio on this.

I start by downloading Android ADT bundle and Android Studio. Running any of those, resulted in a Java not found error. So I headed to download Java JDK and JRE.

I downloaded Java SE 7u60.  And installed it by following the installation on ubuntu section of this website.

After installing JDK, I went to the ADT bundle folder and ran Eclipse. It launched and everything was working fine.


Posted June 4, 2014

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